Friday, April 27, 2012

Bird Doodles

Here's some bird doodles that I thought would look nice painted up.  It also gave me an opportunity to research different bird species, for color and feather patterns.  Honestly, I wasn't thinking about it when I drew them, and was merely playing with shapes.

I'm interested if anybody can recognize every bird specie here.  In fact let's make a contest of it,  First person to correctly name every bird here wins a chicken dinner on me. 

1 comment:

  1. Starting from the top left going across to the right

    1. Black Collared Barbet
    2. Turquoise Jay
    3. Cardinal
    4. Black Collared Barbet
    5. Green Grosbeak
    6. Perigrine Falcon
    7. Brown Capped Pygmy Woodpecker (female)
    8. Eastern Blue Bird
    9. Australian Galah
    10. Northern Saw Whet Owl or Barn Owl